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Writing for YOUR Business

You know your product or service best, but you may not be the best person to explain it, for two main reasons:

  • You can be too close to the subject to see that what is commonplace knowledge to you might be a complete mystery to the layman or non-technician.
  • You may not have the necessary writing or presentation skills. And why should you? Your business is your expertise, you cannot be expected to have equal skill in everything.

I can help you with both your promotional and technical presentation, because:

  • I know how to sift essential information and present it in terms that are easily understood by the people who need it;
  • I enjoy, and am experienced in, researching in enough depth to clarify the subject to people who need to understand it;
  • I strive to present information in an imaginative and entertaining way, using clear, concise, unambiguous English, without resort to specialist jargon wherever possible;
  • and…
  • …I know when interfrastically is not the right word and sausage is.

Get it Written and Get it Right

Whether you are trying to write websites, brochures, press releases, adverts, sales literature, proposals, newsletters, technical articles, blogs, business plans, or pretty much anything else, I can help you do it more objectively and effectively.

You can see some examples of recent material for clients at the links below.

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