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It takes no more than a few seconds for visitors to your website to form an opinion about you and the quality of the service you provide. It’s important therefore that your website is not only professional-looking and informative, but reflects your individual personality, your unique set of skills and the opportunities of your business. All of which can be difficult to crowbar into a template or ‘the latest thang’.

Of course there are certain constraints and design forms that need to be observed in a modern website, but my aim is to help you present a distinctive and memorable site to the visitor. All Waving Moose sites are conceived and designed from scratch with your requirements in mind and to ‘stand out from the crowd’.

Content is King

The content of your website is the key to both attracting and keeping visitors interested. Good web design should follow from and complement the content, not lead, obscure or distract from it. Waving Moose is different from most web designers because the graphics and layout are designed and the content written together.

You might have a good idea of what you want to say and can provide some or all of the text – I can just edit for clarity, sense and grammar. But if you are less sure, I can also research and draft the content for you. Either way, you will have the added assurance of an experienced writer to help you get your content right for your audience.

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