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Creative and Copy Editing

Rough notes, draft memoirs, sows’ ears…?

Whatever or how much material you have, my aim is to make it better – for you and your audience.

I provide both copy editing and creative editing services for individuals, businesses and organisations locally (Hampshire/Surrey and Herefordshire), UK-wide and beyond; for both print and web-based material.

Copy Editing

The objective of copy editing is to make sure your raw text (or copy) is correct in terms of spelling and grammar and is easy to read so that readers can grasp your ideas. It also tries to prevent errors of fact or inconsistencies.

Creative and Copy Editing

Are you saying what you think you are?

When copy editing, I will look at :

  • Grammar, spelling and sense.
  • Suitability of the text for your intended audience – has the language been pitched at the right level? Do any terms or abbreviations need explanation?
  • Extent – is your work too long/short?
  • Content and structure – is anything missing or redundant? Is the order logical? Are headings used appropriately to break up text and make it more readable? Are footnotes essential? Could ‘supporting material’ be dispensed with or go into an appendix? etc.
  • Sentence and paragraph length – is it appropriate for the subject matter or audience?
  • Consistency – are your choices (spelling, headings, captions etc) consistent throughout?
  • Style – whilst respecting your individual style, pointing out common ‘mistakes’ that might hinder your readers’ understanding.
  • Accuracy – if requested, checking your stated facts, dates, quotations, etc.
  • Avoiding trouble – where possible, pointing out anything that might be troublesome, eg potential breaches of copyright, libel, obscenity, incitement etc.
  • Print and design matters – advising if anything related to print or web design might affect your copy.
Creative and Copy Editing

Creative Editing

This involves more developmental, substantive editing or ‘Ghost Writing’. I will take your raw material and re-write it, with perhaps a little more flair and imagination! This can be anything from taking a technical ‘essay’ and making it suitable for a promotional article, to re-writing an amateur memoir.

As this is very individual, it is best discussed on a case-by-case basis, so please get in touch.

Price Guide

Editing can be costed by the job or by the hour – normally at £25ph, depending on the complexity and/or creativity.

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